Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bliss Time

I love Spring in Oregon. My trees are kind enough to take turns blooming, so there's weeks and weeks of pink or white petals to view out back.

March and April are a "new years" time in Bliss Monkey Studio. The holiday sales slow down in Feb, I get a chance to Spring clean office and studio. (I plan to show before and after pics of these events! LOL!). And it's a time to think about the year ahead as well as develop new products.

Most of you know that I have three stores. My products for Bliss Monkey are cyclical, while Charmish beads and Bliss Forest plush are similar product lines year round.

What is next? See my new Super Girl bag? I made it for myself, but it's an experiment for 2010 Bliss Bags. I do a summer line every year and its fun to invent something totally new.

The blooms smell gorgeous, and I can hear the hum of many honey bees hard at work.

This is the back side with angled pocket for cell phone. Are you like me and can not HEAR your phone ring if it's down inside your bag? Plush this bag is HUGE, to hold water, snack and change of clothes for gym or pool.

I have recently become intrigued with hot pink and orange, and saved up a heap of fq to play with.

The close up shows the amount of free motion quilting (my fav part!) and the raw edge trianges that I trimmed the bag with.

The Super Girl print/applique was made for me by artist friend, Helisengezer, in Istanbul. I've saved her for over a year before finding the right project to feature her in. I love this print because she looks like she's done her Super work for the day. Cape dirty and job well done, she heads home for a snack.