Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Flying Easter Bunnies are Back!

The high flying Easter bunnies of Bliss Forest are back! I've been having so much fun, making new bunnies and replenishing all the favorites of last year. Here is Sunny Bunny - ready to bounce into your easter basket. :-)

Candy Stripes high flying Easter bunny.

Coming soon: my first, for-sale, bunny pattern!

Hmm, what do you make of this? I found this sour looking bunny in my studio one evening. Did he eat too many jelly beans in preparation for Easter or did he turn........ zombie?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hand Jive

Welcome the latest in my hand series of charm beads: Live Long and Prosper. This is a Vulcan hand sign that we so often saw the solemn Spock make. It was said that Leonard Nimoy made up the sign, on set, just before that classic series to his homeland. Years later, he let fly that it was a Jewish blessing sign he had seen as a child. Shalom hand. I love that story.

Wear "Live long and prosper" charm bead. It's a little bit treky, a little bit kitch, a little bit of ancient Jewish blessing, and a lot a bit fun.

Peace. Peace, Man. Victory! Hi, I'm here and loving life.

It's the classic peace sign. Does it mean "peace" officially in ASL?

Peace out.

From Etsy straight to Target

I was in Target two days ago, looking for jeans, and a present for my seven year old's friend. Our wander took us through purses on sale...... wow, those styling little bags with the applique cassette tapes look just like I might find on etsy. Looks handmade. Only it's factory "hand" made, in China. Purposely not-perfect applique, and cheap.

In the toy area, looking for lego, again I spotted something that looked straight off the handmade, OOAK, etsy shelves. I blinked. Was I dreaming of wandering through Etsyland? Could it be true? The Target shelf read, "Woodland" and there were giant stuffed owls, and hedgehogs. They were designed to look hand made, and used "funky" fabrics (faux, up-cycling) and even the etsy-popular, houndstooth print of last winter.

Yep, it's official. The big companies are stealing ideas from Etsy designers. They are at very least, reading the "Trends" articles in the etsy blog. Maybe this is not news to many of you. What do you think?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here is my dear Water Gnome, ready to help re-open Bliss Forest.

Happy New Year! I had a great holiday season on etsy. I was kept hopping with wholesale orders and all my wonderful customers. I appreciate each of you! It was soooo good, I had to close my shops for the first time in three years on etsy, in order to have a holiday with my children. Well, it was my first holiday with three shops, rather than just one, to keep track of. :-)

I have been so excited to get moving on all my new design plans for BlissMonkeyStudio and Bliss Forest. I have many new gnomes, wrist warmer designs started, and new phone cozies and high flying easter bunnies in the design process.

Oceania in purple and teal.

Today is Jan first and I just reopened my Bliss MOnkey Studio shop with some new wrist warmer designs. It's still winter, but I have an eye for spring as I design. :-)

I wish you a beautiful, new year, full of love, friendship, many handmade treasures and happy days.

Sweet One Bird Tree with sparkling nest.