Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn is all about the trees

 Every autumn for the past five years, I've been creating and selling woodland themed fingerless gloves (aka wrist warmers).  I never tire of finding interesting color combinations and debuting new designs. 

  Each tree is hand cut and prepared for applique.  I choose to use fleece to applique, rather than felt (which some people like because it's easier).  Sewing fleece over stretchy fleece, is tricky but ends in a more organic style AND is much softer and flexible to wear.

 When you put your hands together, the two gloves form a tree.


One Leaf Tree is my signature design.  It represents the last leaf on the tree in the fall and the first leaf on the tree in the spring.  It symbolizes patience, optimism and our connection to nature.  

Happy Autumn all!

Getting the most of the last few days of summer

How does August 1 roll around so fast every summer? We get the sudden urge to get out in the woods, hike our favorite trails, go play in nature. Here's the gorgeous Sahalie falls in Oregon.

My boys enjoying the cool mist coming off the icy blue waters.

The water rushes down river in a fast rush, but there are little quiet pools to cool your pads.

The amazing blue.

Surprises along the trail.

The old wood bridge above Sahalie falls.

Our local Mt Pisgah park. Its so important for kids to have time to leap, play, climb, explore in nature.

One explorer, and one who loves to catch fish to inhabit the temporary pools before being released.

What artist mama isn't inspired by a good hike and time to play by the river?
Happy summer Oregon 2011.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Where the Gnomes Roam

Gnome ornaments bring their woodland cheer for the holidays. Holidays in September? Yep, this is the time of year my stores and boutiques are putting in their wholesale orders for gnomes and wrist warmers. :-) It's both fun AND efficient to make a big batch at once, now I'm stocked up.

I used my gocco to transform my original gnomes drawings into a silk screen. To print an image, I coat the squeegee with printing paint, and draw it smoothly across the screen. One at a time. They dry over night, I hand paint the hats red, and heat set with my iron. Then the gnomes are ready to be stitched and stuffed for ornaments....... or.........

This year, the gnomes have found their way onto my wrist warmers. Soft, fleecy, washable, fingerless gloves to walk the dog, wear to school, type, knit, work your phone, or play music in.

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New fingerless gloves for fall

New fingerless gloves for the season! All stitched up and ready for you to wear to class, type at work, ride your bike, walk the dog, and match all your outfits.

These are the new prints: pink argyle, into the woods, blue argyle, aurora bliss. Of course I also carry solid colors and tree applique designs.

Sir Scoopie helps model the new wrist warmers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our new friends

Meet our new friends? They are wee little girl guinea pigs. Have you ever had a guinea pig? They are so cute and sweet and funny. We love all their noises.

I grew up with rabbits as pets, and had wonderful pet rats as an adult. I'd say that qualifies me as being a "pet rodent lover". My 9 year old and I have been interested in guinea pigs and did our research. Two weeks ago, we ended up choosing these two sweeties.

The white one is Snowy.

This is Autumn. She's a bit bossy with Snowy. They are still shy and new to living with our family, but they come running when we show up with vegetables several times a day. We love them so much already.