Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunny Morning

The sunshine lured me out of bed this morning. I thought my sniffles could do with a bit of fresh air and surprise sunshine (it's been so grey and rainy here this week) so I wandered out to the back garden.

I stood, mesmerized by the blossoming plum trees, when I heard a low "a-hem" behind me. A little green clad gnome stood on the bamboo pot, smiling up at me.

"Hi, I'm Edvin", he offered. "I've been collecting mushroom in your garden." And he held a big one up for me to see.

I attempted to get over my surprise quickly. Regaining my manners, I also introduced myself. Soon, I was making tea for the two of us, and enjoying Edvin's tales. He sure is a talker!

He told me all about his traveling adventures hunting mushrooms, and his wish to live in a human house. Maybe you would like to have Edvin come to your house? He will bring his fancy mushroom as an ornament for you!

Edvin jumps!!!

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