Friday, May 8, 2009

Indonesian Shadow Puppets - Lesbian Love Story

We partied late with the kids last night. Took them to an Indonesian shadow puppet performance on campus, with live gamelon orchestra. Traditional with a twist! A lesbian love story no less, about a princess and her wife, and their hearty army of TomBois, who fight off the sultan's arrogant advances and win acceptance for loving relationships of all kinds. It was especially fun that audience is allowed to walk around during the performance, look at all the instruments, and view in front of the shadow screen or behind, as they prefer. It was a big surprise to discover that the puppets are highly colorful behind the screen. (See imagine below)

See the traditionsal puppet show? click here to see YouTube Video touring an Indonesian puppet theater. You get to see all the instruments, the puppets behind and in front views of the screen. Be sure to view or click to the end to hear the show in progress. I love that music!!!

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