Saturday, November 7, 2009

How many eggs are in your basket?

Happy Autumn. Two hens are doing their seasonal molt, and only one hen is laying her daily eggs. It's rather cold and embarrassing (literally) for the girls to molt, but they are so glossy and pretty when their new feathers grow back in. I can't even share a photo with you, it just wouldn't be nice.

Do you have any leaves left on your trees? We are having a gorgeous Fall here in Oregon. I love it when it's not TOO rainy because the colored leaves last longer. The kids pressed some leaves and I taped them across the door frame tops for decoration. Our pear tree finally made pears this summer. Gorgeous, juicy, heavenly pears for the first time in the three summers we've lived here. I credit the neighbors honey bees. All the leaves have fallen from the pear tree, but there's still some BIG pears at the top of the tree hanging on. Big birds like Jays and Oh, what are they called? The lovely big birds with a dark ring on their neck, and red under the wing? They hop into the tree and nibble the pears. Lovely bird feeder. We are happy to share.

Did you ever have or see an Awake/Asleep doll when you were a kid? I always wanted one. I kept thinking about making some in Gnome style. Decided to combine that idea with the need to make organic gnome dolls. I made a batch of organic cotton stuffed, pre-washed cotton gnomes for babies to gnaw on and toddlers to play with. Stock got wiped out within 24 hours! I guess the world needs MORE organic awake/asleep rainbow baby gnomes...... (sew sew sew)

Did you ever consider using the search bar to search a shop for something specific? My Bliss Forest store has a few items and it's easy to see everything, but AlyTheRed and Charmish have pages and pages of items, so once you are IN the store, it's great to use the search bar to look for specific things like, "blue", or "frog", or "books".

Holiday Shows:
First Saturday in December: Winter Gift Faire

First Sunday in December: Fenario gallery hosts the "Meet Your Maker" handmade art/craft/design event.

If you are in Eugene Oregon, please come visit. I will be offering wrist warmers in KID and MAN sizes for these two events (by request), along with my ornaments, plush gnomes, ninja bunnies, bags, and many surprises.

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