Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here is my dear Water Gnome, ready to help re-open Bliss Forest.

Happy New Year! I had a great holiday season on etsy. I was kept hopping with wholesale orders and all my wonderful customers. I appreciate each of you! It was soooo good, I had to close my shops for the first time in three years on etsy, in order to have a holiday with my children. Well, it was my first holiday with three shops, rather than just one, to keep track of. :-)

I have been so excited to get moving on all my new design plans for BlissMonkeyStudio and Bliss Forest. I have many new gnomes, wrist warmer designs started, and new phone cozies and high flying easter bunnies in the design process.

Oceania in purple and teal.

Today is Jan first and I just reopened my Bliss MOnkey Studio shop with some new wrist warmer designs. It's still winter, but I have an eye for spring as I design. :-)

I wish you a beautiful, new year, full of love, friendship, many handmade treasures and happy days.

Sweet One Bird Tree with sparkling nest.


pink and green mama said...

Hi Alysse!!

I just received my wrist warmers I won in a blog giveaway and I LOVE them! I'm wearing them while I type in my chilly art studio and they're perfect.

thanks so much- your shop and your goodies are adorable -- I love the gnome dolls : )

pink and green mama

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Yey, Marylea! Thanks for the sweet note. I wear mine in the studio too, sometimes pushed up onto my wrist (hands free) with thumb nubs pushed in.

And typing. I get cold when I sit down.

Glad you love them. Isn't it fun to win something nice?