Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Patio Rituals

One of my favorite summer rituals is morning sun tea. Two tasty black tea bags and one lemon tea, cold filtered water and a set in the sun. I remove the bags when I bring it in a few hours later, and add a dollop of coconut nectar, shake and refrigerate. I prefer my tea un-sweet, yet un-tannin-y. If that makes sense. Just a tad of sweetener. And this concentrated tea holds it own over ice, and doesn't block up the fridge with a massive jar.

Mmmmmm, watering the honeysuckle, rosemary and jasmine results in a brilliant scent that wafts along the patio. I wouldn't want to pass this chore to anyone else.

Along with the finished patio, came the nesting urge to fill all my pretty pots with plants. Drawback: the naughty hens sneak onto the porch and steal most of the strawberries.

Amongst Dad's things I've inherited, several favorites have found their way onto the patio.... Grandma's "Sandpipers" mosaic that she made back in the 70's. I grew up seeing this at her house, but I'm sure it was at least a foot wider back then.... anyway, I just treasure it. Wondering if I can mount it to the outside wall high enough to be sheltered from the winter rains, so I can see it outside my kitchen window.

Dad's treasures from Africa... the sea turtle skull on the far left and the antelope skull. All items were found and shipped back. (No hunting). He was a raw foodie, vegetarian during the second half of his life. :-)

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