Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Mommy Book- the ultimate gift you'll want too

I'm making myself a present.  Yep, in the midst of holiday sales, lovely wholesale orders, shipping madness, I'm making myself an important gift. Some ideas just can't wait.

I think you can relate to this project. You, reading this, are likely to be a mom, or an artist/creative person, who has a collection of special cards from those you love.  In my case, it's a BIG stack of hand drawn cards from my two boys, and some favorite drawings I've finally peeled down from my walls in various rooms.  I wanted a special place to keep them together, and best of all be able to LOOK at them.  Why not put them in a book?

Find a nice hard cover drawing book with strong blank pages.  I've removed about every fourth or fifth page so when I tape new pages in, it won't get too huge.  Of course I've SAVED the sliced out paper for the kids to draw on.  :-) 

I've gotten all the special little drawings done just for me, and cards together, and taped them in with acid-free, double sided tape. 

Two pages of special stories the kids wrote and illustrated awhile back.

I don't have a view of it here, but some of the cards are taped in so they can be folded up and shut.  Some have the front removed and taped in next to the inside of the card so both are viewed at once.  Some drawings are trimmed or cut out.  Really old ones that have been on the wall for too long, were restored, so to speak, by color copying them.

For holidays, the kids tend to make new art for my display frames (my favorite gift), and when I take the old ones out, I can now add them to the book.  My hope is that sometimes, they will pick up my Mommy Book, and write me some notes and drawings right onto the new blank pages.  :-)

They saw me working on my book and took turns looking through it themselves, smiling and remembering.

If you don't have children, you can still make yourself a Dear One book, adding cards, letters, drawings from friends to you.  Then continue to add things you like:  your favorite poems, your own drawings, photos you love, letters of awesomeness to yourself, and all new cards you get. 

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