Sunday, May 20, 2012

Australia- the chapter on cousins

 We went on this grand trip primarily to see family.  Roddy is Australian and we haven't been a-visiting since before the kids were born.  We've brought Grandma June here to Oregon twice when the kids were little.  I felt like we were due. 

The cousins were eager to meet each other and a little nervous too.  It turns out that they all fit on a hill side together, and had a blast through all our sleep overs, gatherings, swimmings, and outings.

 Here is a proud Grandma June surrounded by her four kids and the five grand-fellas in the back.  It's the first photo of all her kids together as adults, since Roddy has been here in the states most of his grown up years and last time we visited, some of the sibs were living in London.  She was just beaming.

 Turns out that all the cousins like playing lego, nerf AND going to play at the park all together....

 ...all the cousins like eating sushi, even baby Luke does.

  In Australia, you can go to the awesome Brisbane water park with ALL your cousins.....check THAT out! can lego with your cousin....

.....ride the tram at the Australia Zoo (hello Steve Irwin!!!) and eat vegemite rice cakes at the same time with your cousin.....

.... swim with your cousins at your own cottage pool....

 ..... you can visit the crazy town of Nimbin with your cousin.

You can even feed the animals with your cousin, like a mob of kangaroos....

...or baby Butcher Birds and baby Magpies at your auntie's back door.

And there are a few cousins you can pick up.  Baby Luke was so sweet and cute, everyone wanted to give him a cuddle.  
Finn went to school with a cousin one morning.  I wish I had photos of that.  It was a beautiful school on a hillside covered in gorgeous eucalyptus trees and tropical flowers.  All Aussie school kids wear uniforms and hats with brims.  The kids had lots of questions for Finn and the girls repeatedly asked him to say things like, "grahss" (grass), and "No-vem-ba" (november) then they'd giggle.  He had a pretty fun time.  :-)

Cousins are good, especially super fun, and super special down-under cousins that look a bit like you.  And we grown ups had a nice time all together too.  We stay in touch via calls and email, but that's not the same as face to face, is it?  I need to get set up on Skype. 

Cheers, Mate!

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