Friday, November 9, 2012

Secret November Garden

What is going on in the garden? 
 Did some Halloween ghoul spill it's secret potion on it's hop over the fence?  On this first rainy and quite cold morning, the camera and I went to explore a mysterious explosion of greens and colors in the corner of the garden..........

 I planted these here a few years back, to accompany the beans up the trellis.  The spicy, peppery, edible flowers sport a variety of color.  In the gloom, they lit me up like a LED.

 I've never seen leaves this large.  Bigger than my hand.

 The jewel of a water drop, seems to be making a face at me.

Who else has been under here?

 Still blooming in November.........

 I put Dad's chair in the garden this summer, when I could keep his blanket on it for comfy sitting. I like the idea of it over-looking the gardens, and keeping an eye on the fairies.  I hope the rains don't take it apart too soon. 

 Why don't you have a close up look at your garden in November?  You never know what you will find.............

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