Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Monsters

Afterschool on Friday, we baked cookies with M & Ms. Big huge ones. Mudslide Sydney (the little guy) asked if we could frost them. Mmmm, nice idea, but sounds way too my reply. He considers carefully, thinking of an agreeable compromise: how about if we frost them with peanut butter and add more M's to stick on top! A little protein with that sugar? OK! Sounds good! Says mom.

Here are the resulting master pieces. (Now, mind you, I do NOT need that much extra fat on my snacks, but those guys could put it to good use!)

Later that day, Max took them to the rock climbing gym to help children with visual disabilities enjoy some climbs. They've been rock climbing for about two months now and are getting so strong and agile on the wall. Nice!

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