Monday, December 22, 2008

Inside the Studio

Ah, a peek inside Bliss Monkey Studio? How about first thing on a sunny Oregon morning? Light filtering in, heaps of fleece on the cutting table, a rainbow of thread waiting..... it's pure bliss for me to enter the studio, ready to work, the full day ahead of me.

The Etsy holiday rush is mostly passed. I'm working on wrist warmers and fleece socks for my family, and all my secret projects. Ssshhhh! I've taken to gift wrapping right away to keep things hidden.

Max and I and the kids made tons of cookies and passed them out to our friends and neighbors over the weekend. Grandmother's fudge recipe didn't turn out this time, (unless you want to give it out by the spoonful). And the kids got carried away with decorating the gingerbread snow men...."uh, ok, just ONE anatomically MALE snowman, but THAT one will be for Daddy's plate!" But cranberry pumpkin bread loaves, chocolate stars, russian tea cakes, and almond biscotti all made for a nice plate.

The snow melted outside! Makes getting around easier but we miss the pretty snow.

January plans? I have many new projects to unveil, and a fun give away on my blog to celebrate the new year!


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

Okay. The last picture... sheer inspiration for how I want my new studio to look. I mean, seriously... I'm going to strive to make mine look that peaceful and amazing. Of course, in no time it'll look chaotic and coated with a nice covering of madness. But, that's beauty in its own way. I love the curtains... and the shelves... and the little TV... and the plants... and the TREE. I wanna see another picture of that tree branch thinger.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Awwwwww, Hi Tiff, it's a few large branches from a curly willow, that I tied to the ceiling in the corner. I have lots of ornaments and faeries hanging in it. I would love twinkle lights, but the branch is too fragile now. If I'd put them in there to begin with, it would have worked.

I read somewhere about having a display space in the studio, to keep things you finished and are proud of, so I keep a space like that too. Very satisfying.

Oh and I should also photograph my collection of monsters and rescued weirdos......