Saturday, January 31, 2009


Long Legs McCormack is NINE today! How could that be? I've urged him to stop here, since next year will be double digits! He is clever, thoughtful, soulful, artistic, athletic, and oh so dear to everyone. Happy Birthday, my little Aquarian!!!

The kids are outside right now, climbing the back yard trees and playing with sticks. It's an amazing Oregon weather emergency: Warm and sunny in midwinter! Everyone outside! Go play! (so why am I at the computer? Does it count if I'm also sitting in a patch of sun at the same time?)

We are doing Thai food tonight, with a friend over, and tomorrow morning is the big party at the rock climbing gym. Every single kid invited said yes, because it's such a novel idea. I wish we could invite an even bigger group, because some of MY friends were left out. We usually do a fun indoor event for his birthdays because they are winter, and do a big park party for little brother who is late summer.

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Tonia said...

Happy Birthday Finn!!!!