Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wake Up

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I woke up to the sound of doves outside my bedroom window accompanied by the sound of my Grandmother snoring in the twin bed next to me. The sun would be streaming in around the edges of the pulled shades. I'd lay in bed, smiling to myself, for a few moments before getting up. If I woke early enough, my Papa would still be eating breakfast in the kitchen. I'd slide into the green vinyl seat silently, and he'd look up, pretending to be surprised and say, "THERE's my Leesie!" He always had a cup of coffee, small bowl of cereal and an egg on a muffin. He's fix me whatever I was in the mood for. We'd chat while he read the paper, then off he'd launch into his day of joyfully working outside and in the garage.

And I would start MY day! It was summer in Southern California. The birds were chattering in the side yard, and chirping in the palm tree, the scent of flowers heavy in the morning air. If Iwas able to get dressed without waking Grandma, I could slip outside without wearing sandals. Bare feet on grass, before it got hot out was delicious. I loved being outside while air was still cool in the morning and the ever-present California sun was just rising.

My friends weren't out yet so I had time just to be quiet. I'd walk along the yard, looking at the Bird of Paradise and Lily blooms, and check the Guava plant for fruit big enough to eat. I'd walk through the tunnel of Bougainvillea, touching the thick leaves of the money plant. Maybe Papa would be out back picking oranges to make juice.

I would feel quietly excited that it was summer, that the whole day was laid out before me to be enjoyed, that I had so many fun things to do, that the world was beautiful, that Grandma would soon be up and available to chat with inside, that Papa would be doing many interesting things I could tag along with outside, that I could play with friends. It was summer and the day would be mine!

As an adult, I love thinking back to that time of my life. The summers spent at Grandma and Papa's house, feeling so safe and loved and spoiled "rotten". My dreams often take place in that house. I was a kid, totally confident, happy, safe, with the whole day of fun before me. I like to tap into that feeling before I head into the art studio.

When were you so happy, confident, and relaxed about life? Go into that memory, hold that in your heart and restart your day smiling to yourself.

My new garden companion. Maybe he'll ward off real snails since he's so giant!

Here he is on his dirt mound. I'm hoping to get all this earth green with ground cover. This is a view of the fairy/moomintroll garden that I started two years ago. It's been slow going getting the ground cover to stay in this part of the garden. I think I'll try installing an automatic mist watering system this summer.

Santa brought us that "toad bath". It's turned out to be very handy, because, as you know, toads are incredibly filthy.

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Tonia said...

Nice memories! I like the green coffee cozy.
I like the snail too!