Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neen Jah the Buhn Nee

Here she comes, right on cue, swinging her way down to meet everyone! Welcome Neen Jah the Buhn Nee!

She coils her grapling hook and rope expertly, and poses for the picture.....

Here she is on her first day here, already escaping from the studio window, crusing down the bamboo to the ground. I'm happy to say three Ninja bunnies have already gone out into the world: one as far as Calgary Canada, and one to England! They LOVE adventures. And all their sisters back at home are plotting their very own missions of such excitment. Claim yours here.

Neen Jah Buhn Nee DOES especially like to play hide and seek! She'll count up to twelve in Japanese before hopping to find you.... better hide quick.

Happy Spring!


Tonia said...

Too cute!

cabin + cub said...

so cute!.. bunnies would make good ninjas since they are so quiet!