Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blissfull Fairies

When all the Easter bunnies hopped off to their new homes, these brand new Fairy Bunnies started showing up. Sparkly tummies and wings! They hop and fly and giggle. Come visit them at Bliss Forest.

This is my table at the recent Meet Your Maker show. A girl has to make much of a 2 1/2' space. I've learned to sit next to my table rather than behind it and miss out on vertical space! You can just make out the bins of eager bunnies, and the wiggly ninja bunnies climbing the ropes. The show was great fun, with a constant stream of shoppers (that's how we like it) who were friendly and chatty (that's also how we like it). I really enjoy having a monthly show to sell my work locally, be part of the First Friday Art Walk downtown AND see so many of my crafter friends at once.

It was so pleasing how many High Flying Easter Bunnies found lovely homes all over the world via etsy. One went as far as Greece! And one Neen Jah Buhn Nee got customized for a special home in Singapore. xoxoxoxs to all my bunny friends in Canada and the UK. Making plush cuteness is a very rewarding job.

xo xo

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Gillian said...

Hi Aly :)

How Adorable are your little bunnies!!!! I love them :)

what a fabulous idea, sitting beside your stall so you can use the vertical space! I feel so thick that I never thought of that...Your stall looked super cute :)