Monday, May 25, 2009

New Birthday Bunny gift package

Birthday Bunny Gift set! I think this is one of my funner ideas.... a gift package. Gift one: the 8" plush cupcake bunny. Gift two: the tiny coloring/workbook. All gift wrapped in bright tissue paper, and shipped in a sturdy envelope with my hand carved stamps. I think that's pretty special!

This wee book has 8 pages, but is made of one single sheet of paper! I had a great time writing the prompts, decorating the pages and putting it all together. It's intended for kids of ALL ages.

Other prompts include: Your wish for the world, This year I wish to write/make/sing/paint/hear/do....", "I wish to learn...." "Draw the world.. my wish for the world....", "I wish to go here..."

This is the back of the little book, with room for me to add someone's name, or special message.

In my store, I have the bunny package listed, with bunny color choices, and will eventually add a listing for just the card/coloring/wish book. If you need one sooner, just pop to my etsy store and "convo" me!


Tonia said...

Great idea!

Amy said...

What a cute idea.!! I am in love with birthday bunny gift set.