Friday, September 18, 2009

Corker Knitting

I'm having fun with my new "corker" that I found at Michael's. Lyon's brand yarn co makes these cute ones. You push the starter tail through, and wind the yarn around the four pegs, then start knitting. I'm using a toothpick to lift the loops over the peg. It makes a knitted cord - can you see it starting for form out the bottom there?

Did you ever knit with these as a kid? It's also called spool knitting. We used to race to see who's snake was the longest by the end of recess. We used them to make belts, straps for bags, snakes of course, dolls, doll clothes, and rugs- a million things.

Yours may have been a simple wooden spool with four pegs. Or loops like these. Or maybe you got a Knitty Nancy for Christmas! I'd be so jealous if you STILL had it too!

I'm going to see if my kids will give it a go. I noticed my fourth grader's class list included cross stitch fabric and crochet hook. I'm brushing up on my crochet and knitting skills so I can go help. I'm not a huge knitter but it's really fun once in awhile. I came up with a project I can work on while at soccer practice with the kids.

What can grown ups do with the corker??
Crafty Stylish has three projects: A flower brooch, pen cozy (can you resist that?), and bracelet. You'll find other projects listed under, "knitting corker" and "spool knitting".

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