Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Analytics Anyone? Tip for Etsy shop keeps

If you use Google Analytics you will love this tip. How do you know WHEN people visit your etsy site (or blog or whatever you are tracking)? What time of day your fans are out there? It's been hiding in your Google Analytics all along.

Go to your left side bar and click "Visitor Trending"
Under that you click "visitor"
Then look to the right ....... around the charts you'll see a wee little clock. Click clock.

The big reveal to a bar graph showing what times of day are MORE popular viewing for your shop and your customers! Ta da! Those will be the best time to post new items, or relist. This is handy information.

Do you ever wonder if re-listing really truly brings in the visitors?

Next to the clock is the button to see which days they visit more often. I can tell right off, that my two days to relist and add new items are the most popular days- by far. Ok. Learn from the bar graph, Girl.

There's so much IN the Google Analytics, we can all use a good tip. One lesson at a time. :-)

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