Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This time of year has me tucked in my studio sewing One Leaf Trees, and One Bird Tree wrist warmers. They are made of soft, washable, anti-pill fleece. Wrist warmers keep your hands and body warm while walking, driving, typing, shopping (aren't the grocery stores chilly?) AND they are washable. Pop them in the wash, right with your clothes. With all our concerns about hand washing this year, washable gloves are important too.

I love autumn in Oregon. Especially when it's sunny and all the trees slowly turn golden, rust, flame, olive and brown. Too much rain, and it all happens too fast. So far, so good this year.

The childrens' school is only five blocks away, so we design our mornings swith time to walk to school, enjoy the sun, scuff our shoes through falling leaves, laugh and chat, before the school day starts. I head back home to the studio, full of ideas, and fresh air.

New design "Falling Leaves." Appliqueing fleece on fleece is a stretchy, migrating, slippery process. It's hard. This comes in handy, while I'm shaping the tree limbs as I sew, but with the rest of the designs, especially when I want to keep them symmetrical, are challenging. Sometimes I think about going to felt applique, but I like the end result of fleece on fleece. It's soft and stretchy and cozy.

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