Sunday, October 4, 2009

Plush Lush - new friends in Bliss Forest

Geisha Special Force ninja bunny is too bad ass NOT to wear pink! 8" of gorgeous geisha plush.

She's pretty, she's charming, and sometimes quite BAD.

Special skills:
Throwing star accuracy
Playing dress up
Hypnotic eye lash fluttering

GSF Ninja Bunny is ready for a new mission to:

-raid easter baskets,
-jump on your couch, bed,
-given to your best friend,
-be dressed up with your own clothing ideas,
-decorate your cubicle,
-or be part of your "angry rabbits who climb and steal" display...... not that she's angry, she's just NINJA!

Awww, and well, he's not AS spectacular, but sometimes one just needs a little simple love. Chocolate Love bunny, at your service......


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