Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello! I'm so busy in the studio, and shipping out cute parcels for you all, that I haven't stopped in blogland to say hello.

The Winter Gift Faire was wonderful last weekend. We had a great time setting up, lots of visitors (and shoppers!!!), and the "guys" put on a big feast for the neighborhood after wards. We have been able to donate over $500 to our children's school in the process. Which reminds me, I have more sized wrist warmers, as above and better get some photos up on my etsy shop.

This weekend, I have a Meet Your Maker show at Fenario Gallery downtown (Willamette and 8th). Sunday 12-5pm. Come down and scoop up your wrist warmers gifts! They are selling fast.

I'm putting out a thank you to all my beloved Etsy shoppers right here and now! I'm making more One Bird Tree wrist warmers again today. Trying to get everyone's paws cozied before xmas. xoxoxo.

Mudslide Sydney and Long Legs MacCormack leafing around.

Since this photo was taken, Oregon has experienced a real cold snap. This will not sound like much to those in the Midwest, back East, and many parts of Europe...... BUT it hasn't gotten above freezing all week. It's the warmest part of the day today and only 30F.

Our three hens see me coming with the kettle each morning (after I make coffee of course!) and run straight to me. I pour hot water over their icy watering jug so they can get a drink. The girlz do ok in this weather, being the nice fat hens they are, but are rather disappointed the ground is frozen and no juicy worms and exciting bugs to be found.

Several days ago, the kids spotted a hummingbird visiting the feeder I had forgotten to take in. After it left, I raced outside and put enough fresh sugar water to fill up just the bottom. The feeder is beautiful handblown glass, and I wouldn't want to crack it. Now I'm sure that "hummer juice" has frozen over but the wee bird comes back several times a day to have a lick at it. It sits right down on the feeder and licks away. Must be getting something.

Are humming birds supposed to hang around Oregon in the winter? Is there something more I can do for it?

Check out the action shot I got of our kitty Scoopy. !!! He was jumping for the tall grass heads......

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