Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gardening Tuesdays - Container gardens

I'm HOOKED on miniature gardens in containers! It's a brand new hobby. When we bought this house, three years ago, it had a very empty yard, so we started with the most important: the vegetable garden, then next year- flower gardens, then worked on the lawn, so this year, it's finishing the patio which leaves room for decorating in containers, and miniature gardens.

After a lovely Mother's day brunch, cooked by my family, I took my mom thrifting for fun containers to plant succulents in. I couldn't believe the abundance of FUN things we found. (I'm going to have to learn how to drill through ceramics if I keep this up). The little Dutch girl was built for plants. I added baby strawberry plants to her pockets and hat.

My new Bliss Monkey Studio mascot had a former life as a cookie jar (thrift store find). Break the lid on your fav tea pot or cookie jar? No worries, drill a hole or use lots of rocks at the bottom and don't over water, soil, succulents and wa-la, a happy garden for your sunny window, porch, or friend's house!

I am suddenly fascinated by succulents! After bringing these containers home, I had a look around, and realized I have quite a variety of neglected, overgrown succulents, aloe, and such around the yard and in the house. I took an afternoon to repot and distribute. Let's see if I can get more babies to grow, thus feeding my need to thrift up MORE containers and fill them with little, easy to care for, arrangements.

This one is already gifted. Easy to make: rocks in the bottom for good drainage, new potting soil, baby aloe and succulent plants, and several pretty rocks. Do not over-water. I'm going to have to learn to drill holes in the containers that lack.

For fans of Saffron: he's doing great. After a winter of three surgeries for his leg, and lots of reclusive mending time, he's back outside, playing with the other cats, built up muscle, and almost back to climbing. Yey, happy kitty! Age 3.

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