Monday, May 24, 2010

Gnome Garden

The new gnome garden! I finished this yesterday. I turned a mound into a "terrace" and added new plants.

Seeking: female gnome garden figure of regular gnome stature, who likes huge snails, standing around, greeting guests, and gardening. Do you like cool Oregon weather? If you are female and a gnome, I encourage you to apply.

Overview of the gnome garden. Poppy demonstrating proper use of pathway in the walkway garden.

New arrangement of the heart rocks, Quillan's flower pot and bird's water cup.

Singing Rocks family.

Arrangement of plants in pots and the toad bath. (You know how filthy toads get. Part of gardening really is a service to nature's creatures, right?)

Mr Scoop also using the pathway. What gold star kitties they are today!

I need some special tips on getting step-ables to GROW like crazy in my shady walk way garden. I've been working on this for three years now and can't quite them to take off. Some die off during the winter, which doesn't help. I plant only shade tolerant species and water them lots! Any good advice?

Overview of the walkway fairy garden on a cool Oregon day in May...........

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