Monday, July 5, 2010

Hawaii Bliss Bags - art for your life -

The summer Bliss Bags are in! The Hawaii bags were inspired by a series of dreams. They combine all my favorite things: color, free motion quilting, hidden messages, raw edge applique, and functional art.

One bag, two looks. STRIPES SIDE: Each stripe is free-motion quilted with abstract Hawaiian designs (flora, maps, waves, earth, sky, water, sun), and the word "Hawaii" is hidden in quilting somewhere on the bag, as are hearts (because you are loved). Raw edge applique finishes the top edge of the bag - shabby chic look. It will fray slightly, giving the bag more texture, as you use it.

SIDE TWO: Flip the bag over for a second look. Fabric print with art pocket feature - perfect for cell phone or camera. (On this bag, the flower is the pocket.)

Top edges are finished with a raw edge applique technique of overlapping squares. These are so much fun to stitch up. Lots and lots and lots of thread!

Your perfect bag for summer, or to keep up your sunny disposition all year long. Interior fabric is a bright orange print of sliced oranges.

Organizer zippy pouches, in matching colors!
clutch bag
camera bag
receipts or punch cards.

NEXT UP: Same style of bag in Oceania blues and blue greens!

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