Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Days

A new use for ye ol' etch a sketch. Make seasonal signs. I have a weird ability to draw etch-a portraits. I'll try to remember to take photos of them!

My needle felted shelf elf and his white bunny companion taking a rest from all the seasonal activities. I made him a few years ago. His limbs were wet felted and his face is dry felted.

These are my new floating shelves. I love having a special spot for rotating art shows, seasonal displays, and perhaps MOST importantly, to keep needle felting and vintage figures AWAY from the cats. Cats adore battering needle felted figures. The will go to great lengths to acquire these favorite "kitty toys". I swear they can smell the lanolin.

The combination of ukulele x 2 + 1 trumpet = some extra fun and unusual Christmas caroling! That's me in green.

Winter vacation is a great time to cut up a batch of new paper snowflakes with your kids. Every year I seem to forget how to get the paper folded for a 6-pointer. Yet even the four points are pure magic as you unfold to see the amazing shapes created. They are pretty fun on my purple wall.

This site shows you how to fold 6 points, but could use a little more creativity in the cutting department. For further inspiration, this site has amazing snowflakes with a link to a snowflake flickr group.

Time to decorate your son with pretty lights...... I mean the tree!

Thank you, dear customers and friends, for such a lovely holiday season (Oct-Dec) at Bliss Monkey Studio, Bliss Forest (my plush shop) and Charmish (my charm jewelry shop). Sales, sweet feedback, convos and new friends were delightful. I'm closing up shop for a few days to enjoy some quiet time ..... ok maybe not "quiet time" with my family, but time to play, finish home made gifts, bake cookies, giggle and hide things!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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