Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper clay play

Now that I've learned how to work with paperclay, I eagerly dug into the blog I've had sitting here just waiting. The kids naturally took to forming foil for an armature and pressing the soft paper clay "pancakes" over it, until covered.

Kids are amazing. They may have something in mind when they start, but they are imaginative, with fluid ideas. It's easy for them to shift plans as the creature is formed under their fingers. "It looks more like a troll!" They just go for it.

We let them dry over night and they were ready for paint the following day.

However, they wanted nothing to do with this fussy, slow, layers of paint method, that I'm currently fascinated with. There were calls for "Where's the silver paint!" and " I just need black!"

I squeaked in making a wee birdie.

Coats of paint later..... I have in mind to add feathers, but didn't have any on hand. Would be nice to hang her up too. Or perhaps she needs a looooong pair of legs.

She enjoyed her first trip outside.


melissa said...

oh the birdy is all painted now. I love this. I want to know how you made the clay. What a fun Mommy!

collette schildkraut said...

OOOO love your little green bird. So cute. I'm sure the boys had fun too. Ah chicks ... so cute we had some once that we found and took care of for a while ( we couldn't keep them but i promised the kids we would for a while)... but they poop a lot and then we found out the cute lil things were roosters.... So time for a new home.

michelle allen said...

such a cute birdie!!!! great job! and your kiddos are awfully cute too :)