Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your brought your peeps home, now what?

Once your cute little spring peeps replace their fuzz with feathers, and get to be THIS size, they are difficult to keep in the house. They need to go outside during the day, and back in their screen-top bin at night indoors with us. Not quite old enough to be put in with the hens, yet big enough to be a fuss in the house.

With the week turning wet, I've put off figuring out temporary digs. The green screen is GREAT for sunny days, but no protection for the rain. Today, I've had enough of the noisy, stinky little chicklets. I just couldn't bring them back in. The kids help me cut and tape a fancy little shower curtain to keep them dry on three sides of the pen, added a training roost, and a heat lamp.

Now it's late evening and I'm missing their sweet sleepy chirps and playing nervous new mama, checking on them out the window. They keep looking for me too, and if I go outside they race around the pen peeping at me. The babies want to come inside! I head back out with a blanket that used to be the comforter on my grandfather's bed. Surely THAT will keep them warm and cozy for their first night out?

Next check, the blankie blew off and it's pouring rain suddenly. Chicks huddled in the corner. Sigh. How am I going to sleep with this nervous Nelly action?

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