Friday, July 29, 2011

New Journal Page

A new art journal page to share. I stitched up a larger book, with a painted canvas cover. I made the cover large enough, around the paper's edges, to act as a paint catch, when I work on my pages. See? (No table covering necessary. :-)


Anonymous said...

nice journal page... you've been busy this summer..
I love the boots... Swoon, swoon!
i was thinking about using acrylics to paint them.
But they're so delicate, and I'm not when I paint. do however have a pair of shoes I thought I'd practice on...
did you think about artfest?

Heather said...

Beautiful!!!! I love this art journal page! I haven't visited your blog in a little while (trying to curb my internet addiction), but every time that I do I get so inspired.

Are you going to artfest next year? The classes look fabulous.

p.s. Hi Collette!

Heather said...

And good idea with the large cover! I'm sure the edges will be decorated with wonderful splatters of color!

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

yes, I think, yes about artfest. I have found myself so drawn to painting this year and the painting classes are dreamy. I should preregister. It's so hard to think that far ahead, but.....:-)!!!!!