Monday, August 29, 2011

Around the studio and kitchen

This clematis has gone crazy this year, almost obscuring my studio window! A pretty green and purple curtain.

I highly recommend taking Carla Sondheim's online art classes. She's sooooo much fun! Great exercises for new or experienced artists. Each class is a week long, and very affordable. Easy to fit into any summer/fall schedule. I had a blast and learned some new techniques.

More tiny little people.........

Favorite blooms.

I love watching poppies unfold.

This flower has a little owlet under.

Quillan's gluten-free birthday carrot, pineapple, spice cake, sweetened with coconut nectar and honey. He loved it.

Ok, this isn't the prettiest picture, but it symbolizes the OTHER big hobby I've been spending my time on this summer (besides making fun things for my etsy shops and stocking up for the holidays).

I recently compleeted a series of food sensitivity tests and now realize I need to feed myself and my family with foods free of wheat, cane sugar, corn, yeast, sesame, coffee, chocolate, and many small items.

The results were overwhelming at first, but I wasn't feeling well, so I dove into a cleanse (that included being dairy free as well) and have spent a long time learning new ways of cooking (baking gluten free and alternatives to cane sugar). Due to the combination of foods I'm avoiding, I've had to cook everything from scratch: condiments, dips, sauce, as well as any baked goods we want to eat.

A month later, I'm feeling excellent, food addiction-free, 8lbs lighter, have learned so much about food ingredients, and how big industry creates our cultural reliance on foods that aren't good for us.

I may or may not add more posts about food, so for my main message, I'd like to encourage anyone diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities- know you aren't alone. More and more people are becoming educated about food issues. Don't worry about what you "can't eat", just jump in and learn how good you can feel. No food tastes better than feeling great. AND both my kids LOVE all the news grains we've added to our diet, all the cooking we do together, and eating even MORE healthful food.

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Anonymous said...

Cute faces... Looks like you are having so much fun.
happy birthday Quillan..