Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn is all about the trees

 Every autumn for the past five years, I've been creating and selling woodland themed fingerless gloves (aka wrist warmers).  I never tire of finding interesting color combinations and debuting new designs. 

  Each tree is hand cut and prepared for applique.  I choose to use fleece to applique, rather than felt (which some people like because it's easier).  Sewing fleece over stretchy fleece, is tricky but ends in a more organic style AND is much softer and flexible to wear.

 When you put your hands together, the two gloves form a tree.


One Leaf Tree is my signature design.  It represents the last leaf on the tree in the fall and the first leaf on the tree in the spring.  It symbolizes patience, optimism and our connection to nature.  

Happy Autumn all!

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