Friday, September 16, 2011

Where the Gnomes Roam

Gnome ornaments bring their woodland cheer for the holidays. Holidays in September? Yep, this is the time of year my stores and boutiques are putting in their wholesale orders for gnomes and wrist warmers. :-) It's both fun AND efficient to make a big batch at once, now I'm stocked up.

I used my gocco to transform my original gnomes drawings into a silk screen. To print an image, I coat the squeegee with printing paint, and draw it smoothly across the screen. One at a time. They dry over night, I hand paint the hats red, and heat set with my iron. Then the gnomes are ready to be stitched and stuffed for ornaments....... or.........

This year, the gnomes have found their way onto my wrist warmers. Soft, fleecy, washable, fingerless gloves to walk the dog, wear to school, type, knit, work your phone, or play music in.

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Anonymous said...

The gnomes are so cute!!!! great oraments