Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am 100

Am I already one hundred?!! I just noticed. That I happened to write about slides and being playful at 99 was probably a good sign, huh?

100 posts and I still love you.

Wanna see some quilt art?

This is the "number" Hot Pink of the Bird on the Line series. I'm making art quilts and mounting them on wooden frames in two sizes. It gives a very satisfying and new sort of finished look. This one is for my dear friend Tonia's birthday. Happy Birthday to you, you excellent leo!

The moon is from a scrap of hand printed Tiwi (aboriginal australian tribe from the north) fabric depicting a spider's web. I adore hand printed fabrics.

Close up showing texture..... see the wee birdies?

Reverse side. I am getting the hang of how I want the backs to look and where I want to staple the fabric. It's like stretching a canvas only tiny. I adore putting something unexpected on the backsides of my quilts. I like surprises myself, so you can imagine I like to create surprises.

Clematis........ I'm new to clematis growing. We bought two different sorts then an ever-green. After planting them in a new flower bed, I learned that while they ARE a sun plant, they don't like their "feet" to get hot. I wonder if a covering of wood chips will keep them cool enough? They haven't grown much over this summer.

Planting bed.....
This is the view of a new shed area being prepared. We were going to build a shed, but in a yard where we want to maximize room for plants and garden and hens and add a mini orchard, we came up with a groovy alternative. We are using the North side of my studio as a shed. We pulled up all the grass and plant matter, put down that "no weed" screen, covered with chips for a nice floor, and we'll be adding a clear roof before fall. I'm wondering if I might like to add gutters to the roof and a collection barrel. This gives us a huge area to organize tools and store things, with lots of light, that's tucked out of view though close to the house. Downside is that it IS more exposed to spiders and such nesting, but they get into any shed or garage anyway. (No offense to spiders by the way.)


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I like the trellis thinger. And Clematis... our old neighbor grew some that was a brilliant magenta color. I never knew what it was until just now though. :)

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

and when you move into your new home, you too can have lovely amazing clematis!!!


Anonymous said...

I love my new art quilt. It looks rather fetching on my bedroom wall. Thanks again. It was really great to hang out with you guys. --t

Schrack Attack said...

love the quilt art!