Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a Dr Seuess summer cold:

My head, it hurts
My spirts are lo
My voice, it sounds like Cigar Aunt Flo
My vision swims like a swarm of Nexis
My hankie is the size of Texas

My eyes are red
My feet are cold
I am not someone youd like to hold
A-choo! and Honk! And now my story is all told


bee's wing said...

Your tale of woe,
makes me pity you so.
Your sniffling and sneezing,
coughing and wheezing
makes me think hot tea and whiskey
aren't too risky when you by a cold are laid low.
hmmmm it's ok for about a minutes thought.
take it easy chica. love, tonia

Brandon said...

And don't worry, that's not an image of me there.