Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Signs

And now for an overdue photographed presentation entitled
"First Signs of Fall"

All photography by Quillan, aged 6, during a 45 minute period, as we went on our "Signs of Fall" walk. He learned how to use the macro setting this time 'round.

I adore the enthusiasm he brings to photography, skidding down slopes to get close to the water for just the right shot (carefully clutching the camera, strap over wrist, and assuring me that he won't fall in NOR drop the camera, as I bit my lip and wave back smiling), laying down under a bush to shoot upwards, placing an object on a different background, loooking for changes in season, catching texture and color and shadows, and searching for the first crunchy leaves. The funny and oh so true sign of fall is the overgrown zucchini placed outside the door as an offering to neighbors.

At the very micro end of each season, when I know the next season is about to begin, but I can't feel it yet, I've taken my kids on walks to look for "signs of spring" or fall or.... and we always find such interesting things and take photos.

Finn will be doing the guest spot here for "First Signs of Winter" photo shoot.

Amazing how much we don't SEE until we take the time to truly look. I hope they always think of me when they are grown up and the seasons change.


Tonia said...

Excellent pictures! Well done Q dude!

SherriCrochets said...

Q took these????? Wow!!! I was going to comment, "You always did take awesome pictures," but I am blown away that he has such a great eye for pictures!