Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged for Randomness.....

Don't I look all thoughtful? I've been tagged by Try To Catch the Wind and now I must give 6 random facts about myself. How about 6 current things about me?

1. Sunday evenings, I take Tango classes with my girlfriend.

2. Monday evenings, I take American Tribal Style belly dance classes. I can do downward belly rolls, and upwards ones, and flutters. I practice these while driving. I try not to make weird faces at the same time. I do not think my fluereos are very pretty despite rolling my fingers through the formations for four years now.

3. I like to perform drag once each season. Yes, that's getting onstage dressed as a man, lip synching a song or performing something witty. If you are lucky, I might show you a photo of me in drag sometime.

4. I get tired at 2pm each day and have my tea time and the occasional wee cat nap (WHEN I can catch it). I'm a pretty busy girl.

I'm constantly amused by just tiny little things. I'm starting to believe it's a good idea to share these fits of joviality with the blogging world because our planet needs to lighten up a little. And so far people have laughed with me not AT me.........

6. I think self portrait photography is fun. I started doing them out of necessity when photographing my crafts/art to put on etsy, with no one else handy in the studio. Or a sudden need to put a photo of myself on the blog.
Now I can get pretty good photos of myself without cutting my head off most the time...... I recommend that people, who don't like how they look in photos, grab a digital camera and some alone time and just snap a bunch of photos of yourself with camera at arm's length. Outside. (Bad ideas may include: using the flash on yourself, taking a close up of your nose, shooting upwards under one's belly)..... ok, now I have to go TEST these "bad" ideas and see how amusing they might turn out to be...... bye


Tonia said...

Thanks for playing along. How is Toli? --tonia

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Toli is doing great. HIs ear stitches came out yesterday, and his ear still needs healing before he can play with other dogs.

The ownersof the dog who attacked him (not just a random play bite, I'm talking about a pit bull who seriously attacked our dog and did not respond to his owner, etc) have not returned any of our calls, asked how he's doing, or paid the bill of $140. They are still planning to bring their mean pit bull to the dog park, to "socialize" him, which is what I do NOT want them to do, esp since this isn't the first attack by their dog. It's not a good situation. But Toli is gonna be fine.