Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty Little Tutorials

My first two tutorial project books came out! What fun!
I have a step by step project in each of these books. The first one is textile jewelry. I really love so many of the projects in the book. Very artsie.

The second is Pretty Little Cozies, with fun, crafty projects that can all be called "cozies". Some of my early coffee cozies are in there. At last! You too can learn my deep dark cozie secrets!!

My project for Stitched Jewels is the lemon necklace. When Live Gives You Lemons- Make ART! I used my favorite art quilting techniques to make this fun necklace with a leaf clasp (see the leaf sliding through a button hole in the right side lemon to open and close the necklace?) You get to chop, layer and fuse fabrics to make a new fabric, then free motion stitch. It's a textile jewelry piece with great graphic appeal, and plenty of texture and detail up close.

Pretty Little Cozies coffee cup cozies that use your favorite fabric print "charms". Get into your fabric stash and put some of your favs to USE!


Tonia said...

yeah you!!! Congrats! Love, t

Gillian said...

Wowee! how exciting Aly :)
what fabby books to be part of, they look lovely!