Monday, June 8, 2009

Bliss Bag Collection

Bliss Bags are up in my etsy store. The collection is made up of bags, magazine totes, and pouches.

Bliss Bag: "Wildwood"
This bag features Erin McMorris fabrics and my quilted leaf motif. Bliss Bags are solid cotton, including quilted cotton middle layer. No crinkly, plastic, iron-on stiffener, just soft sturdy washable cotton. The perfect summer bag!

Magazine totes: "Run".
Grab and go .....
-your towel and book and snack for the park.
-with your book and water bottle to the Dr office.
-your towel and gym clothes.
-your notebook and pens for a walk through the new museum exhibit.
Whatever it is, you'll be ready with your cute tote!

Bliss Pouches have many uses:
- great for a camera and money clutch purse for a walk to the coffee shop,
- keep your tunes and cords from tangling in your purse,
- make up bag,
- I use mine to keep my check book, my punch cards, gift certificates, and receipts in which lightens the load on my wallet and keeps it all organized.

I'm still listing these, so if you don't see the perfect one yet, check back tomorrow!

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Hixon and Co. Photography said...

The Bliss pouches are adorable! I think I need one.