Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Good Teacher

“A Good Teacher “
By Finn age 9
June 2009

A good teacher is a really good person first.
In their own life.
Then they become a teacher.

A good teacher is also like a mother-
they care about you,
they try to understand you,
they make reasonable rules,
while they teach interesting things.

(if you would like to use this poem, please ask permission first)

Finn's last day as a Third grader, and his last day in this 1-3 classroom. We love Beth and Peggy!!! Luckily, the little guy is still in their room, so our family gets more time in their presence.

Each year the third graders graduate with the hat ceremony. After a compliment circle with the first and second graders, Beth and Peggy call the thirds up, one at a time, to share what they love about them, and place a personality hat on their head. They search all year long for the perfect hat for each child. Finn's was an Aussie hat, and they thanked him for teaching them all so much about Australia. He smiled happily, hugged Beth and corrected her pronunciation of "Aussie". LOL!

Welcome Summer Break!