Monday, June 15, 2009

Magazine Totes

The Magazine Totes are in the shop. The perfect grab and go bag for your goods.

Do they only tote magazines? That phrase refers to the general size. These are 11 by 14", all cotton, fully lined with vintage interior decorator cottons, with sturdy cotton handles.

Three fav prints out of Bliss Monkey Studio to your hands....

New print from designer Alexander Henry. A curious collection of owl friends.

London Calling - hard to find print with a delightful map. Great for Brit fans.

"Run" , another great, hard to find print that I've been saving just for you running fans.

Totes are great to grab and go!

-Wanna carry your book or needle work to the doctor's office, or the kids' band practice? Pop them in your tote.

-Knitting club date? A great opportunity to show off your new tote.

-A change of clothes and water bottle for yoga class.

-Carry it to farmer's market and wash as needed. Rolls up to fit in the glove box, or bike basket.


Hixon and Co. Photography said...

I adore the owl one. :)

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Thanks so much!

Now, the wee pouches are next in line to be posted. I've been busy busy busy over at Charmish and should share about the exciting new series beads I just got in!

Yea, creativity rocks!