Monday, August 3, 2009

Planning a little trip....

We are planning a little trip down to the Redwoods. While the kids have been on a plane, and to So Cal, they've never been to Northern California, nor such a long car trip. We are all excited to camp and hike for a week.

We came up with this really really cool idea for the kids to write their own blog including photos for the trip. It helps them practice writing, organizing thoughts, storytelling, and typing - in a FUN way. Or at least I hope so.

We'll be bringing a lap top, as our one piece of technology, so I'll keep you posted for the Redwoods trip blog address.
Ooo, gotta get in a plug in thingie to run the computer in the car. And you all KNOW why I want to bring a lap top. Gotta check my etsy!!!

Meanwhile, if you have any recommendations about our itinerary, please let us know. Travel dates are Aug 13-18.

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