Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation Mode

We enjoyed a week's worth of family camping in the California Redwoods and coast. It was lovely weather, cool enough for hiking, warm enough for water. Many of my happy childhood memories involve road trips with Mom, and camping out in our '68 VW van, hiking and enjoying nature away from everyone else.

Mom was NOT into roadside attractions, however. I'm the more curious sort, and insisted we stop to explore The Trees of Mystery AND the West Coast Game Park (largest petting zoo in North America?!), both on HWY 199 in CA and So. OR.

It was an amazing experience to get to meet AND play with Bella, this lion cub. She was so cute, and fun. Just like a kitten of course.

Her fur felt like wool- thick and not so soft. She was very gentle and trained not to scratch. She goes home with the park owner every night to sleep in the house with the Siberian Lynx kit, and Leopard kit. What a sweet family. We are still in love with her.

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Kiley said...

I was just at the Bandon park myself a month or so ago-they were so little then!
Here is our picture with Bella!