Sunday, August 2, 2009

Japan treasury- european beads Maneki Neko

My Charmish bead, Maneki Neko, landed in this etsy treasury collection. Many of the items were so cute, I had to visit their shops and mark favorites. The ninja buttons made me laugh.

Charmish beads are designed by me, but not handmade by me, so they must be marked as a "supply" which puts them outside of Etsy's regular search engines. "Supplies" are their own category. Thus, word of mouth is incredibly important in helping my Charmish business grow. It's fantastic and very much appreciated when Charmish gets blog coverage, makes it into treasuries, and excited customers share my business cards with their friends.

In an effort to get beyond a "supply" I'm about to market bracelets featuring collections of my beads. I've commissioned a local glass artist to make several sets of custom glass beads that enhance my designs. Collaborating with another artist is a great deal of fun. Im a big fan of lampwork glass.

Holidays: you will start to see a smattering of holidays bead designs entering my shop: Christmas Elf, Gingerbread Boy and Cottage...... other wee surprises. Planning ahead for holiday fun.

Happy August!


Tonia said...

Very cool, you rock! Did you go to Faerieworlds? love, t

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I didn't go.......... di you? I was planning on it, then I really felt like staying home on Sunday. I had so much I wanted to get done! I even had a costume together, but it wasn't quite perfect. Finn is putting together his bad boy fairy costume, so perhaps we'll be all set for winter fairyworlds. Didja go??? Pics?
Love you, Girl.

Tonia said...

Elena and I went to see/hear Faun. They were awesome. We went on bad fairy evening (Sat.) It was fun. I looked for you guys just in case you were there. No pics by me, but Elena got some good ones. Have a great trip!