Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fairy Photography

Good morning from the Fairy Flower garden. Photographing flowers is endlessly delightful. Try something new: Fairy photography, that is taking a photo as if you were a fairy.

Fairy photography
  • set your camera for close ups and adjust for special lighting conditions (sunny, cloudy)
  • get close to the ground (how tall is your fairy?) and turn your camera upside down (lens up), that's right, you can't SEE what you are shooting!
  • imagine your camera is a fairy walking through the woods, or the flower patch, looking up at all the lovely tall plants
  • snap several images before peeking at your image screen- the results may surprise you!
  • try shooting from the underside of a leaf with holes
  • what is the fairy's view of YOU?
Fairy Photography

  • Share Fairy Photography with your children, then hand over the camera and see what they come up with. A great summer photo album project.

View from the top again. Enjoy your fairy photography and please leave a comment with links to your own fairy view images.

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Brandon said...

the Faerie Flowers are totally sweet! I love the third shot :)