Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garden Wednesday

Wednesdays is the regular spot for me to get to share some garden photos or a story. We put in a flower bed for sun loving flowers outside my studio, with Jasmin, Clematis, and other goodies. I HOPE we can keep the hens out!

And just around the corner, we added the Buddha Garden - just as I pictured it in my mind! I've always wanted some bamboo. We've been cutting down junk trees in the yard, and I needed something to replace the ash shading that studio window. It took awhile to find some bamboo petite enough. We'll be adding some other planters and collecting some grasses and such.

In the little guy's flower garden. See the shade loving flowers begin to sprout.

Ready for an urban chicken update?

Here are Star and Lacey, just out of their chicken run. They race to the salad bar, which is clover, and gobble a bunch down, before a good dirt bath in the gravel pile, and flipping leaves for bugs. I love the quality of light in this photo. It's been so overcast in Oregon this week, you wouldn't believe this is mid afternoon. The glowing green reminds me of hiking in Ireland.

Lacey is still broody, not laying us eggs and neglecting her friendship with Star. We all sigh....

Here's a funny sight! The brown egg is a regular "large" brown egg from the store. The middle egg is Star's regular egg, and in my hand is a SUPER EGG of Stars!!! Ouch? I haven't cracked it yet. We are taking bets if it's a two yolker or not.

I actually did NO sewing today! I went on an all day bike trip with my older son's class. The weather was cool and dry. We had a lovely day exploring nature, the wetlands, and crusing the bike path.


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

Okay. First of all... holy Moses. That egg. It'd HAVE to be a two yolker.

Secondly... is that the Shalibanjinka head in your garden? It looks like the old Far Eastern relief sculptures that were on the stupas.

Lastly, I love you guys.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Awwwwww, you are so dear! No, it's the happy buddha. WE heard a new term, that explains Max, Bu-jew. Say it out loud. It's so cute. A Buddhist Jew. Max comes from the Ukraine, immagrated to Chicago. As an adult, she lived in Thailand for years, teaching english to the monks, and she speaks fluent Thai, as well as Russian, etc. She's got a lovely collection of Buddhas, which I should photograph for you. This one in the garden is a cement gift from a friend for our housewarming. He's not in max's tradition, but he's lovely. After a year of being inside, he told me he'd like to be outside, so I thought up this garden for him. And us! He's a full sitting Buddha, and I may have framed part of him out.....