Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"No Paper or Plastic, please!" Heavenly Market Bags

Fact: one million plastic bags are being consumed on this planet every minute!  Yuck.  

Good news fact:  every cloth bag made has the potential of saving 100's of plastic bags from coming into use.  Buy my market bags, or read on to learn how to make your own.

Check out this scenario:
You have your list, your grocery cart, and are happily shopping.  You reach the produce section and are thinking," Yea it's burrito night, I need some fresh tomatoes and avocado....".  Passing right by that cluster of people pulling plastic bags off the role, you pull out your fav David Bowie concert t-shirt shopping bag and load or produce gently into the soft cotton.  

At the check-out stand, they ask, "Paper or plastic?" and you answer, "Neither, I have my cloth bags" and you hand over three up-cycled t-shirt bags that fit right into the cashier's plastic bag loading slot.  The world stops just for a moment, "NICE...." sighs the cashier, and proceeds to fill your t-shirt tote bags with groceries.

Back at home, you carry the bags in, happy to have that soft cloth in your hands, rather than pinchy plastic or tearing paper.  You unload your fresh produce and roll the bags up, placing them all inside the smallest one, and set the soft parcel on top of the fridge for next trip.  

Up-cycled t-shirt market bags are the way to go!  Washable, sustainable, beautiful!

--MAKE YOUR OWN-- the how-to section--
Today's how-to is a great recycled cotton tote bag called the MorsBag.  It's more than a bag, it's a movement!  Check out this great website:  Morsbag.  You can download the pdf pattern to make yours, OR watch it made in animation directions!


Kiley said...

I've been making oodles of recycled bags myself lately! Mine are from old sheets.

I screen print designs on them first and then stitch them up a few of them have found their way onto my blog and the others have found their way into heavy use and I haven't gotten pictures on to the blog yet.

Mtnhighmama said...

umm...meow...I'm your CAT and I protest this action.

I will LOVE your plastic bags for you, so much I will love your platic bag for you.

*lick, lick, crinkle, lick*

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Sorry, kitty, that's another reason to BAN plastic bags from the house-- your bag chewing fetish!