Monday, June 16, 2008

Invisible Arms

My French Press coffee pot cozy made this collection from Oregon artists. I should write that tutoral on using the French press.  Makes amazing coffee at home.  To do list...... 

I'm completely fascinated with purses, bags, and pouches right now.  My studio is amuck with zippers and little squares.  I try NOT to use rulers in the studio, not because I don't like them, but because I like to hand cut.  I like the look of natural lines and curves and made up sizes and shapes.  But for little lined bags?  It's back to the ruler.  Actually, I probably use a ruler more than I think I do.  I probably have an extra set of arms, one that holds the see through ruler, and one that works the circular cutting blade.  THAT's how things get done around here!  Ha, I've figured it out.  While I'm busy playing with fabric, sketching, and thinking up lovely things to make for the inhabitants of the world, my invisible arms actually MAKE the stuff!  Mystery solved.  

Much love to all

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