Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wed Garden Tour

This must be my favorite color of rose! I'm not a big rose grower, but now that I own a house, I can choose to be. It's our second spring as homeowners and we feel more excited than overwhelmed this year. There was so much WORK to be done last year, but now we are able to add "nice" things, not just necessity and clean up stuff.

I went on a garden tour with my mother this week. Music in the Garden, actually, where you get to tour six different gardens, many of which include lovely live music, at your own pace, by following a map. We visited two gardens out of town, with some acreage, and four small, in-town yards. It amazed me what one can do with a little yard! I've enjoyed these garden tours in the past, but it's even more fun when you have your own house to collect ideas for. Although, for me, this tour was more conservative. I like the wild and wacky gardens best.

This is a miniature house put in one of the many garden rooms this property held. I had to bend down to peer in the window. They have a little sitting room in there, but it's used to house the garden furniture during the winter. Miniature mailbox, and watering can and flower beds out front. I really appreciate garden rooms and was surprised that even small yards can have garden rooms AND space for secret gardens, tucked in the corner.

I liked this rustic brickwork and dry "creek". We are thinking about putting in some brick or something for an extended patio (next year!).

Moss took over the bird bath!

Normally, I don't like anything near the "country" look. NOt into rusty things, but this caught my eye. Found it fun and charming, this little mobile garden with gnomes. Is it my fondness for gnomes, or that I have a rusty old wheelbarrow that needs a purpose? That it's a miniature garden? All three, really. Check out the close up below.

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