Friday, July 18, 2008


I couldn't quite get the hang of photographing myself while I did a happy dance and jumped for joy, so I submit this photo from our last family water balloon fight.

etsy sales meter hit 300 today. Yey!!!!!! I am hosting a give away for number 333. Stay tuned.

AND today, Lark books invited me to design for an upcoming book of woolen goods. I'm happy to be asked! I've designed for two of their books, which will be out next spring. As you know, I love designing, and the whole experience was fun (except for cutting the shipping date a little close). I envision my future to hold exciting new design projects, being published, writing for magazines, and teaching. And creating. Always creating!

It's a nice burst of fresh air after a few difficult weeks. It's not fun to talk about while IN the trenches, but I can now say my kids are getting over whooping cough. Son #1 caught it at the end of school and it went undiagnosed, then misdiagnosed for quite some time. Poor guy! Son #2 caught it, and we were all run down from sleepless nights and way too much coughing and worrying.

Then there was the quarantine weeks and cabin fever. The kids have been more cranky and quarrelsome than usual
. My typical solution is to take them on a hike or bike ride! But... when the child coughs till they throw up at the slightest exertion, that's not an option. =Cabin FEVER! We are not big tv watchers and have a video game -free house. Luckily we have lots of fun card and board games, and as you know, lots of cute animals to occupy us. It's not been a terribly "fun" summer so far however. Looking forward to the rest!

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Anonymous said...

yeahhhhhhh!!!!! happy happy dance going on over here for you! love ya, tonia